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The new DESSO Jeans carpet tiles set modern trends, adding depth to the atmosphere of rooms thanks to fashionable shades oscillating around blue. Denim clothing is comfort and an element of style for countless people, and nowadays - an archetypal piece of clothing. Denim is a material that does not offend even in large companies - and that's what DESSO Jeans carpet tiles draw inspiration from, referring to the flexibility of entrepreneurs and employees who do not shy away from denim, the "dress code" element allowed in companies with a simple hierarchy, where effects are important and effectiveness of work and cooperation. Jeans are six unusual shades inspired by denim, available in three different textures, enabling the arrangement of large surfaces and optical separation of zones in them with the help of various structures and subtle patterns. Jeans carpet tiles are available with a "stone-washed" effect as well as a fleshy texture of densely woven denim. All three patterns can be combined with each other, giving the office space a unique dynamic. At the same time, the irregular design of Jeans creates a unique atmosphere, emphasizing the uniqueness of the workplace, where users can work comfortably and concentrate, and during breaks - relax in a pleasant interior.

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