Fotele Noomi - MP Polska

The Noomi chair is inspired by the classic Scandinavian design tradition and all the qualities of our classic furniture – qualities that are timeless and therefore still look completely contemporary. In the Scandinavian tradition, form and function are equally important and our furniture reflects our history. Noomi is true to this tradition in the simplicity of its design, but at the same time has an individual form that matches the contours of the human body, from the curved base to the strong backrest. The curved, organic forms involve a lot of traditional manual padding work. Noomi provides good lumbar support, the angle of the backrest to the seat has been carefully thought out, and the wide armrests are comfortable to rest your arms on. It open look invites various sitting positions and its simple design makes it suited to all kinds of functions, interiors and architectural spaces. It’s a chair that signals comfort and rest. Noomi brings history up to date – in a simple, soft and contemporary form.

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