The German brand Sedus Stoll is one of the world's largest manufacturers of office furniture. The company's annual turnover exceeds EUR 210 million (data for 2019).

Sedus (formerly Albert Stoll II) is the inventor of the world's first swivel chair with a gas spring - the Federdreh model (1925).

A precursor of industry-leading solutions dedicated to the workspace - incl. ergonomic backrest tilting mechanism "Similar mechanism".

The year 2020 is also a breakthrough in the world office solutions dedicated to a changing work environment: # agilespace - incl. a desk with the fastest electric table height adjustment in the world, a mobile desk with an electric table top adjustment, wireless or a swivel chair, with a resistance mechanism automatically adjusted to the user's weight.

M.P. Poland has been the exclusive partner of the Sedus brand in Poland for over 12 years.