Product features:

  • high quality of craftmanship
  • desk with fixed or adjustable height (several mechanisms)
  • metal construction in white, black, snow-white or aluminum
  • melamine countertops in many shades with a thickness of 19 or 25 mm
  • possibility of table top finish (melamine, veneer or "soft touch" coating)
  • different dimensions and shapes of the table top
  • dedicated accessories: gutters, flaps and cable grommets

Do cables on the desk have to be cluttered?

In our daily work on the desk we are accompanied by devices, without which it would be difficult for us to function in today's world. Laptops, monitors, chargers and USB cables are our everyday life. There are many ways to organize these unruly wires both on the countertop and under the desk. Cables are routed by various types of flaps, grommets, the task of which is to keep them in one place. On the other hand, cages and gutters are mounted under the worktop, in which electrical strips are placed and excess wires are hidden. However, if there are really many cables, they are collected and thus hidden under the wraps or with the help of spines, which bring order and improve the aesthetics of the stand.


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