Product features:

  • system of acoustic panels: wall, ceiling and mobile
  • upholstery: synthetic and wool felt in many colours
  • three layers of felt, possibility to choose each in a different colour in one product
  • metal foot colour (Pillar): white, graphite, black or aluminum
  • awarded with Red Dot Award

Silentum Pillar – mobile acoustic system

Pillar is a special solution that, thanks to its mobility and lack of installation, can be used on any surface and in any place. It consists of a metal foot and a stem to which the acoustic panels are radially attached. The main function of Silentum Pillar is to reduce echo and eliminate the impression of an empty room. It is recommended to use it in the corners of conference rooms and on large surfaces where there are few sound-diffusing elements. Thanks to a wide range of synthetic and woolen felt and several base colours, you can create unique colour combinations that will change any interior. 

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