Product features:

  • L-size acoustic booth designed for one to six people
  • dimensions (width x depth x height): 2 x 1.55 x 2.25 m
  • cover in any colour from the RAL and NCS palettes
  • tempered glass door, right or left-handed opening
  • LED lighting automatically activated after entering the booth 
  • touch panel to manage light intensity, colour and ventilation level
  • ready-made equipment or a variant without furniture
  • possibility of hanging a TV
  • purpose: telephone calls, individual or team work, online meetings for 1-6 people

What is the RAL and NCS colour palette

Covers of S, M and L acoustic booths can be covered with varnishes from the RAL and NCS palettes. These are two different international colour coding systems that help in the precise identification and communication of colours used in various fields, such as industry, architecture, automotive, interior design or furniture production. RAL is a German colour standardization system, created in 1927, contains more than 2,000 shades in its palette. Each of them has a unified alphanumeric code. NCS, on the other hand, is a Swedish system, created in 1964. It divides the colour into six elementary colours, each of which is described by two values: tone and saturation. Both systems are very important because they facilitate communication in terms of colour selection, ensuring its consistency and excluding errors.

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