Product features:

  • lightweight construction
  • easy to keep clean
  • chair colors: white, black, anthracite and red
  • chrome-plated construction on the skid or on 4 legs
  • felt seat overlays - option
  • stackable

Kitchen in the office

Every company should have a place where you can eat a meal and take a break from everyday duties for a while. Kitchens in offices are organized in such a way to strengthen ties between employees. Conversations are more casual, often related to private life, so it is important to choose the right seats and a solid table. Plastic chairs are a great option. Not only are they comfortable, easy to keep clean, but they also have an interesting, rich color scheme. Appropriately planned built-ins, furniture and lighting give the interior a homely feel and help you relax. M.P. Polska offers a number of chairs for kitchens and canteens, which are capable of creating any kind of dining space.

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