Product features:

  • lightweight construction
  • soft seat and polyurethane foam backrest
  • several colours of plastic in the polished part of the chair
  • wide range of upholstery fabrics and leather
  • stackable

Blume – chair associated with the art deco style

The harmonious combination of a delicate and lightweight frame with an upholstered part of the seat and backrest attracts the eye, intrigues and encourages you to take a closer look at the Blume chair. The designer Sebastian Herkner referred to the interwar era, when good craftsmanship combined with a non-accidental style was definitely important. It was at this time that a style in art, painting and architecture called art deco developed. In Blume, you can notice the geometry, precision of craftmanship and lightness that refers to this era. Pedrali's offer includes a palette of beautiful velvet and natural leathers that give this special seat uniqueness and individuality. 

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