Product features:

  • lassic, timeless design
  • high or low backrest in membrane or fabric
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • "Synchro" mechanisms 
  • armrests in three variants
  • adjustable neck support – option
  • Blue Angel certificate - confirms that the chair is environmentally friendly


Xenon - Ergonomics at its best

The concept of one correct working position at the desk does not exist. The best one is always the next one. Dynamic sitting and constant movement are the only way to keep your spine in good shape these days. A well-designed, ergonomic chair suggests the most comfortable positions. The person sitting on it should intuitively use its features. As a result, sitting at your desk becomes pleasant, and the efficiency of your work increases. All these aspects are fulfilled by Xenon, which is why it is often the chair of choice for our customers.

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