Product features:

  • timeless form
  • great ergonomics and comfort
  • steel frame in a dozen or so colors
  • soft upholstered seat and backrest
  • wide range of upholstery fabrics
  • use: cafes, hotels, offices and home interiors

Avant-garde furniture

The avant-garde style in interiors is difficult to define. Meanwhile, it is distinguished by features such as: innovation, elegance, breaking the existing rules. Colour is also important, it can be very subdued or, vice versa, dominant, as well as a minimalist or more complicated form. Marina armchair by Pattio takes a lot from the most famous and recognizable movement in the 20th century, the Bauhaus, which focused on a combination of simplicity and functionality. If you value individuality, uniqueness and elegance, bring this wonderful piece of furniture to your interiors.

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