Product features:

  • geometric shape
  • wide seating area
  • two heights
  • metal or wooden legs
  • possibility of upholstering the exterior and interior in various colours 
  • intended for reception and relaxation areas, waiting rooms and coffee corners

Eclectic style, what is it?

The beginnings of the eclectic style are estimated to be the second half of the 19th century. Its definition is difficult to specify because it does not have predetermined assumptions. It is a kind of thoughtful chaos, where every seemingly random element has its own place and function. Styles: Scandinavian, industrial and boho combined with vintage elements can be called eclectic. They are characterized by: bright colors, white, wooden elements, metal and industrial lamps. October armchairs and sofas by Profim, especially in the finish on wooden legs and felt or cotton fabrics, will be suitable for building interiors in the eclectic style in question. 

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