Product features:

  • modern design
  • excellent ergonomics and comfort
  • construction on legs or on a swivel base
  • wide range of fabrics
  • purpose – place of rest, coffee zones, reception

Uma – comfort in every way

What really makes you relax and unwind in an armchair after a hard, tense day? Of course, its design, ergonomics and materials used. Not only the softness determines that we sit comfortably, properly adjusted backrest, incline and depth of the seat, as well as armrests contribute to a well-tailored armchair for rest. Currently, high-quality durable polyurethane foams are used as a filling for upholstered furniture. They not only maintain the shape, but also give the right softness. It is believed that too soft seat can cause drowsiness and distraction in the office, so it is recommended to fill it with medium hardness. This Uma armchair by Sits meets the criteria for a very ergonomic, comfortable armchair for relaxation.

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