Product features:

  • high quality of craftmanship
  • seating comfort, convenience
  • powder coated base in several colours
  • multiple modules open or closed with armrests
  • can be made in separate colours of the seat, backrest and armrests
  • tables and mediaports - option

Leaf_Pod - Accessories

The structural elements of the sofas are varnished according to the Bejot manufacturer's palette, as well as functional accessories that diversify and enrich the entire leaf_Pod collection. We have tables in the form of a desktop connected to the frame. You can mount them on the right or left side of the sofa and choose the perfect colour of their top. The Bejot brand also offers media ports that can be mounted on both sides of the furniture, used to charge phones or laptops. The seat, backrest and armrests can be made in different colors, which makes the sofas very phenomenal and modern.

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