Product features:

  • high quality of craftmanship
  • powder-coated or chrome-plated metal construction
  • many stand-alone modules as well as modules for creating complex sets
  • mediaport – option
  • intended for waiting rooms, offices, reception and leisure areas

Which sofas should you choose for the office reception?

The reception desk is a very important place in the office. It is here that a good impression is most often built, it is also an element defining the profile of the organization's activities. In addition to the reception desk, an indispensable place is the area with soft seats, where customers or guests can wait for an appointment. The durable materials from which the sofas are made guarantee their long-term, trouble-free use. The visual aspect, colour and style are not without significance. It is also important to remember that the size and number of sofas should be adapted to the number of visitors. For users who are afraid of problems with keeping their seats clean, we recommend eco-leather that is easy to clean.

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