Product features:

  • shelving units in a modern, industrial style
  • powder coated metal construction in several colours
  • modules that can be combined into complex layouts (more than 30 forms)
  • shelving units equipment elements: shelf, window, chest, board panels, fabric panels
  • panels for hanging the TV and magnetic board
  • storage of documents, books, decorations, potted plants
  • positioning against the wall or in the middle of the room, thanks to access from both sides

Minimalist design, unique form of Saar shelving units

In offices or reception areas where we have other upholstered furniture, 
Saar shelving units are the perfect complement to the arrangement. Minimalist design, in which the geometric construction draws attention, is a solution that not only perfectly fits into the latest arrangement trends, but also impresses with its extremely thorough execution. Attention to the smallest details, noble materials used in the production of structural and modular elements and the final shape fully dependent on the customer's preferences are the hallmarks of this product series.

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