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We are a Belgian trading company that specializes in arranging and furnishing office interiors. We are the exclusive distributor of Sedus (since 2007) Sinetica and Giulio Marelli. We works to create sustainable and innovative projects, providing durable furniture solutions that allow to enjoy the spaces that people utilize in a smart and healthy way. We are a company on a global trajectory, it is recognized as a leader in furniture solutions. We are the team of integrated, and involved professionals whos values are based on a deep respect for the work in addition to the commitment to and passion for design and innovation. This way of thinking and working extends to everything we do. Making day-to-day life better in every way.


In 1993, Pierre Moorkens founded the Belgian company Moorkens Projects Pologne, which is part of ALCOPA - one of the largest family holdings in Europe. We have operated on the polish office furniture market since 1994. In 2007 we became an independent entity with name M.P. Polska as the largest distributor of prestigious office furniture in Poland. In 2015 we moved Warsaw headquarters to the ecological and certified office building - GreenWings, offering over 450m2 exposure of office furniture. We also changed the office in Poznan, providing 150m2 exposure. In 2016 we return to the Belgian market, opening an MP Office in Belgium with a 200m2 showroom in Gent.

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We listen to our customers. We look after them, ask what they need and approach them. We know that every problem has a solution.

Full quality control in all processes

Products from our portfolio are checked for quality at each manufacturing level and undergo specific strength and durability tests in accordance with European standard DE-143-00001 Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non-domestic seating. This is why we can give a five-year warranty for structural integrity and know that our products will last much longer.


We offer furniture with people and for people. We build a great team, because we believe that the climate in our company is transferred onto our customers. We behave with the greatest respect towards natural resources. Evidence of this is our compliance with ISO 14001:2009.


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