Product features:

  • high quality of craftmanship
  • classic form, timeless design
  • oak, beech and steel legs in white, black, aluminum or chrome-plated
  • melamine, HPL, veneered or MDF countertops
  • multiple table top dimensions
  • decorative edge in melamine tops
  • metal leg support at the bottom of the table legs
  • the collection also includes variants of standard height and folding ones

Mastermind Flow – play with shape and colour.

Each space is different, more or less complicated and filled with elements that facilitate or hinder its arrangement. Mastermind Flow table modules have been developed in such a way that they can be adapted to any room. They can be combined to form straight or curved forms of different lengths. Colours of the countertops are very extensive, thanks to which Mastermind Flow will work both as a typical conference table, but also as a design table in coworking zones. The easy way to disassemble its modules makes it easy to transport and change its layout. Create your own version that reflects your character in colour and introduces a unique style in your office.

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