Product features:

  • high quality of craftmanship
  • timeless design and functionality
  • steel structure: white, snow-white, black and aluminum
  • melamine countertops, in natural veneer, in soft touch finish
  • decorative edge in melamine countertops, straight or rounded corners
  • metal leg support at the bottom of the table legs
  • use in coworking zones

Temptation High Desk as a presentation table

In the Temptaion High Desk collection, there is a special product – a table connected to the wall with the option of hanging a TV. Its design gives the opportunity to conduct presentations and online meetings in a standing or sitting position. Unlike furniture in a typical conference room with a central table, it can be placed anywhere in the office. Thanks to this, it can gather the whole team if there is a need for a presentation in a larger group of people. On a daily basis, the worktop will provide a place for the exchange of information between employees. Therefore, it is a piece of furniture with a wide functionality. 

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