Product features:

  • reception desks belonging to the Net furniture collection
  • three furniture lengths: 180, 200 or 220 cm
  • construction made of powder-coated metal in many colours
  • melamine board finish in many shades
  • extensions as an additional decorative element - option
  • modern, industrial style

What is the loft style referred to in the Net series?

Industrial style, also known as loft style, is popular in interior design. It comes from industrial factory spaces and lofts. It is characterized by an uncomplicated, unprocessed appearance. Its basic features include elements made of concrete, brick, steel, wood and glass. It also uses open spaces, which refer to large industrial areas, while maintaining technical infrastructure such as installations, pipes, concrete floors. Often, the industrial style is enriched by accessories referring to or even coming from factories or storage spaces that are designed to emphasize its harshness. 

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