Product features:

  • single, bench type and height-adjustable desks
  • many shades of worktops, finished with melamine, natural veneer or fingerproof HPL
  • straight or rounded countertops at the corners
  • metal legs in many colours or wooden oak and ash
  • a steel leg connector with a table top that can be coloured in a dozen or so shades
  • different widths and lengths of stations

Aske with elements of Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style comes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Its features are: minimalism, use of natural materials, light, warmth and functionality. It is valued for its simplicity, creating spaces that are calm, bright and inviting to relax. Scandinavian-style interiors are popular all over the world for their versatility and beauty. The furniture collection of Aske, by a Polish furniture manufacturer Mebelux, refers to Scandinavia thanks to its wooden elements, light line and functionality. 

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