Product features:

  • mobile wall for hanging the TV from the Se:lab product family
  • possibility of installing TVs with a diagonal of up to 65 inches
  • metal construction of the base in Se:lab colours
  • body made of melamine board or in natural veneer 
  • possibility of using two different colours of the plate at the bottom and top of the wall
  • red power cable, 5 m long
  • mounted wheels in black or white
  • solution recommended for conducting presentations and trainings in halls and in open spaces of the office

Se:lab – a family of products for any arrangement

The modern office requires zones where you can work both independently and as a team. It should also be equipped with places of rest and relaxation where you can gather your thoughts and clear your mind. It is also important that it is flexible and gives you the opportunity to adapt to any situation. Se:lab furniture family by Sedus has been designed in such a way that you can freely and easily use their functions. It includes desks, tables, acoustic walls, planters, sofas and small seats. They are connected by a steel structure, available in several colours. It means that products can be combined with each other in any way, while maintaining order and style in the space. It is easy to create formal zones, such as conference rooms, training rooms or even open-space areas, but also spaces for joint work and leisure. If necessary, they make it easy to rearrange the interior or quickly adapt it to an emergency situation.

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