Product features:

  • mobile walls from the Se:lab product collection
  • dimensions: 126 x 190 cm or 140 x 190 cm
  • frame colours: white, black, beige, red and green
  • Se:lab fabric wall – finish in Sedus upholstery
  • Se:lab pin & write – cork side and whiteboard side
  • mobility thanks to white or black wheels
  • use in all office spaces to improve acoustics, build zones with various functions and to present content

Se:lab with dry-erase board function

The Se:lab pin & write wall variant has a prepared surface on one side, with a whiteboard function. Thanks to special lamination, you can write and draw on it with dry-erase markers, the ink of which can be easily removed with a dry sponge. The Sedus brand, which is the creator of this type of solution, gives the possibility of a magnetic function in its walls, thanks to which, in addition to writing, you can attach prints, photos and other paper content to their surface.

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