Product features:

  • modular sofa in the variant for indoor and outdoor use
  • geometric, uncomplicated form
  • high comfort thanks to comfortable polyurethane foam
  • wide armrests
  • wide range of upholstery (indoor and outdoor)
  • intended for terraces, patios, swimming pools

Properties of outdoor fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are specially designed textile materials that are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions and external factors. They are often used for the production of specialized sportswear, designed for outdoor activities such as climbing, water sports or camping, and in furniture making. Here are their main features:
1. durability – made of nylon or polyester fibres resistant to tearing and abrasion
2. waterproof – they do not absorb water due to impregnation or special coatings
3. resistance to UV rays – thanks to the technologies used, their color does not fade under the influence of the sun
4. easy to clean and maintain – the composition of outdoor fabrics ensures their stain resistance, thanks to which contaminants are easily removed from their surface.

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