Product features:

  • outdoor furniture collection: sofa, armchair, sun lounger, chair, table
  • scandinavian style, eclectic
  • high seat comfort thanks to the arrangement of backrest, seat cushions and armrests
  • oiled teak construction
  • wide range of weather-resistant upholstery
  • intended for terraces, patios, swimming pools

Characteristics of teak wood

Teak wood comes from a tree called teak, which is a species found mainly in Southeast Asia. It is known for its exceptional durability, dense structure and natural resistance to moisture, insects and fungi. Due to these features, teak is often used in construction, furniture and various types of exterior finishes, such as terraces, garden paths. It has a characteristic brown color, which over time is covered with silvery patina under the influence of weather conditions. Its popularity also results from its aesthetic appearance, which makes it a valued material in many projects. The beautiful collection of Umomoku furniture uses this type of wood, which enhances its aesthetic qualities.

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