Product features:

  • outdoor furniture collection: sofa, armchair, sun lounger, chair, table
  • geometric, uncomplicated form
  • high comfort thanks to comfortable polyurethane foam
  • wide wooden armrests
  • wide range of weather-resistant upholstery
  • intended for terraces, patios, swimming pools

Stainless steel for outdoor use

Metal elements of outdoor furniture must be made of stainless steel, which is resistant to weather conditions. Chromium added in the alloy of this type of steel forms a layer of chromium oxide on its surface under the influence of oxygen found in the air. It prevents corrosion, does not react with water, and when the surface is damaged, it renews itself. Elements of furniture structures used outdoors are made of this type of steel, and to improve their attractiveness, they are covered with pigments in the powder-coating process. 

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