Product features:

  • wall acoustic panel series 
  • shapes: square, rectangular in various sizes
  • thin edges, convex middle part giving a 3D effect
  • upholstery: synthetic and wool felt in many colours
  • Polish product

Felt fabric in Acustio products

Wool felt is widely used in various fields. This is a type of material made in the technology of pressing natural sheep wool. The fibres are mechanically incised, bonded and crushed when subjected to heat, moisture and pressure, causing them to permanently bond together. Wool felt has many properties such as: thermal insulation (heat retention), excellent acoustic insulation. However, thanks to its flexibility, it can be easily shaped, while maintaining its strength. Important features also include its aesthetic values, as it is associated with natural products and thanks to the possibility of its pigmentation, endless variants of shades can be obtained. 

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