Product features:

  • freestanding wall collection
  • interesting form thanks to rounded shapes
  • multiple dimensions (width and height)
  • wodeen or powder coated metal legs
  • mobility thanks to mounted wheels (variant with or without bottom shelf)
  • versions with a magnetic whiteboard and a possibility of hanging a TV
  • loops for connecting walls in strings
  • product using recycled materials to a large extent

Ecodesign of Noray walls

Behind the colourful Noray walls by esPattio, there is also care for the environment. Components for their production come largely from recycled materials. Metal elements are 15-99% recycled steel. The same applies to plastics (30-40%) and packaging of products for transport (100%). Production technology used allowed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and eliminate harmful and dangerous substances used to create them. As a distributor of office furniture, we are always happy to promote organic products and encourage you to choose them. 

Produkty powiązane