Product features:

  • polished aluminium base
  • "Similar-Plus" mechanism
  • anatomical shape of the seat, sliding seat 
  • armrests with leather covers
  • neck support
  • wide range of fabrics
  • up to 120 kg load capacity

Crossline Prime – really healthy back

Sitting for many hours can negatively affect the health of the spine, so the chosen chair should take care of your back at all times during work. The "Similar-Plus" mechanism used in the Crossline Prime chair helps to maintain constant contact of the backrest with the body of the sitting person. When working with the monitor, the recline range can be set to a smaller one, while during phone calls it can be set to a larger one, when a bigger tilt is needed. This encourages frequent repositioning while sitting, which has a positive effect on keeping the spine in a healthy condition. Crossline Prime has been manufactured using safe materials tested for potential negative environmental impact.

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