Product features:

  • black construction elements
  • "Similar-Plus" mechanism
  • metal base in three colours
  • wide range of fabrics
  • anatomical shape of the seat, sliding seat - option
  • multifunctional armrests
  • neck support
  • up to 120 kg load capacity

Crossline – really healthy back

Thanks to the patented “Similar-Plus” mechanism, combined with an individually adjustable backrest tilt, Crossline maintains constant contact with the back. This ensures continuous and optimal support of the person's spine. Thanks to this, the chair can be perfectly adapted to any activity that a seated person performs at a given moment. When working with a monitor, the range can be set smaller than when relaxing or making phone calls, where more swing is needed.
Crossline is made of safe materials, tested for potential negative effects on human health and the environment. Therefore, it can be said that it fits into the current trends in ecology.

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