Product features:

  • timeless design
  • high backrest provides solid support for the spine
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • rotary mechanisms: B, B+X, FS, FS+X, M, M+X
  • armrests – a wide selection
  • adjustable neck support – option
  • adjustment of seat depth in selected mechanisms
  • wide range of fabrics

Milla – an office chair for everyone

The versatile use of the office chair, which works well for hybrid working, is a very important feature. Thanks to the several mechanisms it offers, Milla is able to meet every need. No matter if the employee prefers a more dynamic or static work style, Milla will meet every requirement. However, for those who value exceptional comfort, the chair offers adjustable neck support and several types of armrests, which additionally helps to create an even more individual version.

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