Stół Mastermind - MP Polska

A whole new way of organizing a conference space. The MASTERMIND line consists of highly functional and aesthetic tables. The collection includes individual tables of different shapes for smaller meeting rooms. For larger conference spaces there are the mobile tables of the MASTERMIND FOLD line. 
The MASTERMIND FOLD is a high-quality, portable table with an easy-to-use folding structure. With a dimension of 280x120 cm, it is entirely possible to have a meeting with up to 8 people around this table. The unique Sedus Securelock system makes sure that there is no need for much force to spread out the table. The MASTERMIND FOLD is also extremely easy to move, thanks to its large wheels, with a 10 cm diameter.  The MASTERMIND tables create a whole different way of looking at conference spaces.

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