Product features:

  • Italian design
  • collection of standing and wall hangers for clothing
  • standing hangers – metal base with powder coated disc foot
  • arms made of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene
  • colours: white, black, beige, green, red and pink
  • variant with arms to hang the bag or without this option
  • four- or eight-arm wall hangers

Flag hanger mobility

Pedrali Flag hangers are the quintessence of Italian design that provides excellent functionality. Thanks to the fact that they are mobile, they can be positioned anywhere, depending on the available space. Stable construction based on a metal column finished on a disc base ensures stability. Because the Flag hangers present an excellent design and colour scheme, we recommend using them in representative areas, where they will look like a sculpture in the interior, which will attract the attention of visitors from the first moment they enter.

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