Product features:

  • Italian design
  • collection of flowerbeds for vertical cultivation of potted plants
  • layouts: 15, 6 or 1 planter
  • powder coated metal stand: white, black, brick, green
  • polypropylene pots in the colour of the stand
  • self-assembly with a choice of pot setting
  • recommended for large and small rooms

What is recycling?

All elements in the Pedrali Hevea flowerbed are recycled. Recycling is the process of processing secondary raw materials such as plastic, paper, glass and metal. Valuable components are recovered from used items and used to produce new products. Appropriate waste sorting points deal with the purification, shredding, melting and processing of raw materials, which at a later stage go to companies that can reintegrate them into their production chain. Recycling is important to protect the environment, reduce the amount of waste stored in landfills and thus save natural resources.

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