Product features:

  • portable organizer for organizing work and private things
  • dimensions: 43.5 x 12.0 x 31.1h cm
  • compact layout with large rear compartment and three front compartments
  • soft-grip handle for easy carrying
  • made of recycled plastic in white
  • smartphone stand
  • a felt flap closed with a magnet in several
  • the ability to place your own logo
  • shoulder strap - optional

Properties of polyurethane plastics

Polyurethane (PU) is a plastic obtained by the chemical reaction of polyols with isocyanates. It is characterized by good strength, abrasion and stretching resistance, which makes it an ideal material for production in many areas. Polyurethane is also widely used in the furniture industry to create whole forms or pieces of furniture. Its big advantage is the colour scheme, often impossible to achieve in the case of natural materials. Polyurethane plastic is also recyclable, so it can be reused, thus minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Hotbox 2 is reusable.

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