Product features:

  • portable table lamp
  • charging with universal USB-C connector
  • colours: black, light gray, blue and light gray
  • 3 lighting intensity settings
  • work up to 22 hours at the lowest setting level
  • recommended as mood lighting, complementary

What are modern USB-C ports?

The USB-C port is a universal connector standard that has gained popularity for its versatility and performance. One of the most important aspects of USB-C is that the plug is reversible, meaning it can be connected in any direction. New transfer speed standard allows you to load devices and transfer data much faster than with the previous technology. With support for protocols such as Thunderbolt Display Port, USB-C can simultaneously support data transfer, charging, and audio and video output. The European Union is gradually introducing this solution as mandatory, which will contribute to reducing e-waste in the environment. Ease Portable Lamp can be charged using your computer or phone charger.

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