Product features:

  • Tip Lamps is a collection of floor lamps, table lamps and sconces
  • floor lamp colours: black, white or light grey
  • table lamp and wall lamp colours: black, white, light grey or brick
  • use in all office and living areas
  • scandinavian design, elegance, minimalism

Silhouette of the creator of the Tip Lamp project for the Muuto brand

Jens Fager is a renowned Swedish designer and artist working in the fields of industrial design and furniture and lighting design. His works are characterized by simplicity, functionality and features of the minimalist Scandinavian style. Fager has earned recognition for creating everyday objects that combine aesthetics with practicality. His designs often use natural and raw materials to create environmentally friendly products. In his works, he tries to find balance between modern design and traditional craftsmanship. Jens Fager has worked with various design companies, including renowned furniture and lighting brands. His designs have won numerous awards and distinctions, proving his influence in the field of industrial design both in Sweden and abroad. His works are often presented at exhibitions and are an inspiration for subsequent generations of designers.

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