Product features:

  • pendant light collection
  • 6 shapes in different sizes
  • bar construction covered with sprayed cocoon material
  • diameters (depending on the shape) from 28 to 80 cm
  • possibility of using warm or cold bulbs

Silhouette of the creator of the Strand Pendant Lamp project for the Muuto brand

Benjamin Hubert is a well-known British designer and entrepreneur. The Layer agency he founded specializes in industrial design, everyday products, and design innovation. He is known for creating aesthetic concepts that often combine advanced technology with an understanding of users' needs. He works with both international brands and new start-ups, designing clothing products, furniture, lighting, as well as projects related to the field of health and technology. In the work of Benjamin Hubert, attention to detail, functionality and aesthetics can be found. Together with the team, he strives to create solutions that have a positive impact on people's lives and the environment. The Layer agency works with brands such as Nike, Google, Bang and Olufsen, Samsung and Braun. 

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