Product features:

  • pendant light collection
  • made of 41% recycled PET bottles
  • two diameters: 55 and 82 cm
  • colours: black, dark green, light gray and dark gray
  • use above the table in the dining room, conference rooms, reception areas
  • scandinavian design, elegance,
  • improved acoustics in the interior, echo suppression

PET plastic in Under The Bell lamp

The lampshade in the Under The Bell lamp is made of PET felt, i.e. polyethylene terephthalate, which is durable, keeps its shape and is lightweight. As a plastic, it is also resistant to chemicals and water, and is also 100% recyclable. In visual terms, it looks like pressed wool, which breaks the raw character of the lamp and gives it a homely character. As much as 41% of plastic bottles were used to produce this lamp, which makes Under The Bell a product that complies with the principles of sustainable development.

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