Product features:

  • eco-friendly pendant light
  • length 120 cm
  • made of pine plywood in birch veneer
  • two lighting modes: bottom and top-bottom
  • possibility of self-assembly at home
  • recommended for offices promoting ecological solutions and for living spaces

What is plywood used in a Kvisten lamp and how it is produced

Plywood is a type of wood material that is formed by gluing thin layers of wood together. These layers are alternately arranged in such a way as to reduce the effect of the natural twisting of the wood. Plywood is known for its strength, stability and flexibility, which makes it used in many fields such as carpentry, furniture, construction or the plastics industry. The ecological aspect of this type of material can be enhanced by leaving it in a raw, unvarnished form that associates more naturally and artisanly. The Kvisten lamp by Muuto is an example of the use of this type of material.

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