Product features:

  • collection of lamps: pendant, table and wall light
  • pendant light in sizes: 37, 56 and 80 cm wide
  • wall light in sizes: 18 or 37 cm wide
  • table lamp 37 cm wide
  • metal lampshades in multiple standard and premium colours
  • touch-free activation

Power without touching

When designing Ogi, Ilum noted that users expect two functions from lighting: strong, bright, natural light for the time of activity and gentle and warm for the time of relaxation. 

Therefore, the possibility of touchless adjustment of the "dim to warm" light has been introduced, which combines the dimming function of the lighting with a gesture, combined with a change in its temperature. With one movement of the hand, you can set the optimal light for a given moment from bright – cool to pleasant – warm, creating the right atmosphere in the interior. 

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