Product features:

  • floor lamp, Italian design
  • construction in the form of a wooden round foot and column
  • height 180 cm, lampshade diameter 46 cm
  • possibility of adjusting the height of the shade
  • footswitch
  • recommended for office and residential spaces as an additional source of lighting and a decorative element

The use of flax in the furniture industry and interior decoration

One of the options for the Shade lampshade is made of linen fabric. Here are a few sentences about this great material. Flax is used in furniture in many ways. Linen fabrics are popular in upholstery such as sofas and armchairs. Linen is also used to create tablecloths, curtains and furniture covers. In a rustic and Scandinavian style, it can serve as a finishing material for countertops. In addition, linen can be used to create decorative accessories such as decorative pillows or napkins. In the production of mattresses, it can act as a filling component. It is valued for its natural properties, durability and ability to regulate humidity, which translates into popularity in ecological furniture and those that strive for aesthetics close to nature.

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