Product features:

  • floor lamp
  • tripod design with adjustable angle of light in each direction
  • lacquered aluminium construction
  • height 197 cm, diameter of the lighting panel 75.4 cm
  • colours: black, white or aluminum polished
  • touch adjustment of light intensity
  • 250 cm power cable
  • recommended for office and residential spaces as a source of lighting and a decorative element

What is LED lighting?

Led backlighting is a revolutionary lighting technology that is gaining more and more popularity in various fields. One of the key features that distinguishes LEDs is their significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional light sources. Thanks to this, you can save on electricity bills, which has a positive impact on the budget and the environment. An extremely important feature of LEDs is their low heat emission. Unlike traditional bulbs, which produce a lot of it, LEDs work in a much more efficient way, which is important especially in closed rooms or when you need to keep the ambient temperature low. However, this is not the end of advantages. LEDs are also distinguished by quick switching on and off. They instantly reach full brightness when switched on, allowing for instant illumination of the room without long waiting times. The Superloon by Flos has this type of technology, which makes it very modern and energy-saving.

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