Product features:

  • oblong pendant light
  • length 90 or 140 cm
  • lacquered aluminium construction
  • colours: black, white or aluminum
  • illumination type - lower
  • recommended for conference rooms, management offices and living spaces

Pendant – what kind of lighting is it?

A “pendant” lamp is a type of lighting that is suspended from the ceiling using a cable, chain, or other mounting system. They are characterized by the fact that the light source is placed at the bottom of the structure, which allows the light to be directed downwards, creating a focused illumination in a specific area. Pendant lamps come in different styles, sizes, shapes and materials. They can have one light source or several, and their appearance can vary from minimalist and modern to more decorative and traditional. They are often used in different rooms, such as kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms, to add lighting at the right height and create a decorative element in the interior design.

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