Product features:

  • Italian style and elegance
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • aluminum structure painted in dozens of colours
  • tops in several dimensions, in melamine or black phoenix
  • stackable in the folded position (folded versions)
  • use in all areas of the office, on terraces, in gardens

What distinguishes Italian design?

Italian design is known around the world for its exceptional quality, style and elegance. Italians have a long tradition in the field of applied craftsmanship and are considered leaders in the design and creation of objects of a unique nature. In furniture, you can find an unusual sense of aesthetics, harmony of form and perfect proportions. Very often, Italians experiment with the use of modern materials, which translates into looking for new concepts and trying to overtake other countries in the field of design. Each item has a specific function and purpose that are associated with comfort and convenience. The rich culture and history of this country are often an inspiration for new concepts. 

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