Product features:

  • system of screens, walls, wall panels
  • upholstery: synthetic and wool felt in many colours
  • three layers of felt, possibility to choose each in a different colour in one product
  • metal feet options in walls: white, graphite, black or aluminum
  • wall version on wheels for easy movement
  • wide use in office spaces
  • Polish product

Felt colours in the Jasper collection

Felt is a type of material made in the technology of pressing natural sheep wool. The fibres are mechanically incised, bonded and crushed when subjected to heat, moisture and pressure, causing them to permanently bond together. In the Jasper collection, we have the option of combining several colours with this wonderful material or creating monochrome combinations. The colour palette includes synthetic and woolen felt in pastel shades, classic black, gray or white, and more expressive ones that will enliven any space. 

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