Product features:

  • single, double or integrated wall mounts Se:wall
  • made of powder-coated metal in black or white
  • fixed or mobile attachment to the worktop
  • metal construction in the form of a hinged flap
  • wide range of rotating, tilting and zooming the monitor

How to take care of the health of the cervical spine?

Taking care of the health of the cervical region while working at the desk is very important to avoid pain and muscle tension. Here are some tips.

Ergonomics of the workplace – desk, chair and monitor should be positioned in such a way that the spine is properly supported. It is recommended to release the backrest lock, then the back muscles are in constant motion. 
Headrest in the office chair – helps relieve cervical part of the spine, supports the head while relaxing while leaning back. 
Setting the monitor – it should be at eye level, working with it should not force the head to tilt.
Stretching exercises – this type of exercise should be performed regularly for the muscles of the neck and shoulders, it relieves tension and causes relaxation.

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